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At Bright Start for Kids Early Learning Centre we aim to provide the best start for your child’s Early Childhood Education and Care in a warm, nurturing, safe, secure and family like environment. We recognise the importance of creating a link between home and the Centre; where families, educators, and community members can work in partnerships to create an atmosphere full of love, equality, support and a high standard of care.

We believe in creating an environment supportive of culture, community, sustainability, education , nd inclusion; whilst embracing each child’s uniqueness and ability to gain a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

We believe in a holistic approach to learning and believe in building trusting partnerships with children and families. When respecting each other’s values and beliefs, we appreciate one another and create a united environment. We believe in, and have full appreciation for Australia’s multicultural society and enhancing the children’s awareness, and respect for cultural differences and similarities.

We believe positive relationships and interactions with families, children, our natural environment, the community, and support agencies that will foster effective partnerships, therefore provide the best opportunities for positive outcomes.

We believe in providing play based programs that recognises each child’s potential, and that will assist in the development of the whole child: their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and language development.

We recognise and understand the value of play and believe all children are capable learners. As educators we advocate each child’s individual rights to learn and develop within a co-constructed curriculum.

We acknowledge that theorists guide our beliefs on children’s development and support educators in scaffolding children’s learning. Socio- Cultural theory, Reggio Emilia approach and the STEM Philosophy guide our knowledge and practices as professional educators. Our educators provide a range of skills and knowledge which supports each child’s disposition for learning through building positive relationships and collaborating as partners.

We believe in creating programs that will assist each child in building upon their development at their own pace, with guidance from our educators through promoting:

  • curiosity, imagination, confidence and identity
  • independence and a sense of agency
  • compassion, care and respect for others and the environment
  • positive behavior and effective communication
  • inspire each child to develop a love for play and learning
  • flexible routines yet where structure is balanced to support each child’s
  • build respectful relationships and enhance children’s awareness of the world around them.

We believe in implementing curriculum based programs such as the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to assist each child with gaining the necessary tools needed for progressing in all areas of developmental and in their learning outcomes, which promotes success now and in their later years of life.

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